team name generator

function generator() { var adjectives = ["Raging", "Belligerant", "Epic", "Excellent", "Killer", "Kickass", "Ultimate", "Assassin", "Savage", "Crimson", "Complex", "Shrewd", "Cautious", "Elegant", "First-Class", "Unique", "Groundbreaking", "Robust", "Adept", "Accomplished", "Skilled", "Strong", "Energetic", "Alert", "Vigourous", "Loyal", "Toxic", "Cohesive", "Spotted", "Swift", "Simple", "Damaged", "Past", "First", "Lively", "Grandiose", "Giddy", "Great", "Reminiscent", "Tense", "Pricey", "Incredible", "Inquisitive", "Envious", "Encouraging", "Zonked", "Troubled", "Dead", "Royal", "Acidic", "Wealthy", "Hot", "Abundant", "Magical", "Able", "Poised", "Temporary", "Whispering", "Receptive", "Ludicrous", "Scientific", "Abiding", "Anxious", "Coordinated", "Ruthless", "War", "Fretful", "Quizzical", "Juicy", "Brave", "Imminent", "Renowned", "Ultimate", "Legendary", "Frantic", "Frenetic", "Perpetual", "Gifted", "Standing", "Defending", "Outgoing", "Futuristic", "Verdant", "Fierce", "Utopian", "Scary", "Frightening", "Next", "Quixotic", "Stormy", "Striped", "Used", "Feeble", "Rare", "Crazy", "Hysterical", "Taboo", "Solid", "Powerful", "Freezing", "Ambitious", "Forged", "Political", "Supreme", "Invincible", "Foolish", "Classy", "Faint", "Dangerous", "Dirty", "Bashful", "Glamorous", "Alcoholic", "Cruel", "Rigid", "Immense", "Brainy", "Onerous", "Chemical", "Chief", "Fire", "American", "Alpha", "Nunchuk", "Mullet", "Shooting", "Kamikaze", "Dream", "Double", "Rockin", "Carnivore", "Delta", "Spirit", "Groovy", "Venomous", "Demolition", "Spinning", "Frag", "Dark", "Steel", "Murder", "Hack", "Metal", "Furious", "Death", "Lucky", "Nova", "Neon", "Concrete", "Vaulting", "World", "Smoke", "Frozen", "Chronic"] var words = ["Cardinals", "Falcons", "Ravens", "Buffalos", "Panthers", "Bears", "Bengals", "Cowboys", "Broncos", "Lions", "Tigers", "Panthers", "Hornets", "Packers", "Texans", "Patriots", "Pirates", "Buccaneers", "Colts", "Jaguars", "Chiefs", "Dolphins", "Vikings", "Saints", "Giants", "Jets", "Raiders", "Eagles", "Steelers", "Chargers", "Seahawks", "Rams", "Titans", "Redskins", "Bombers", "Oilers", "Combine", "Dragons", "Thunder", "Lightning", "Storm", "Galaxy", "Devils", "Fire", "Monarchs", "Claymores", "Centurions", "Admirals", "Outlaws", "Wranglers", "Stars", "Allstars", "Stallions", "Breakers", "Blitz", "Gold", "Gamblers", "Express", "Generals", "Invaders", "Renegades", "Maulers", "Gunslingers", "Bandits", "Federals", "Americans", "Vulcans", "Winds", "Wheels", "Blazers", "Sharks", "Wings", "Ducks", "Suns", "Northmen", "Ambassadors", "Redwoods", "Tuskers", "Colonials", "Locomotives", "Sentinels", "Nighthawks", "Mountain Lions", " Destroyers", "Warhawks", "Defenders", "Skykings", "Vipers", "Pythons", "Wolfpack", "Bolts", "Blacktips", "Brawlers", "Mammoths", "Sabres", "Hotshots", "Legends", "Iron", "Apollos", "Commanders", "Fleet", "Rainbows", "Raptors", "Cougars", "Tornados", "Wolves", "Wardogs", "Wildcats", "Pharaoahs", "Kings", "Knights", "Huskies", "Vixens", "Ironmen", "Swarm", "Marlins", "Hammerheads", "Trojans", "Spartans", "Indians", "Gators", "Pride", "Elite", "Braves", "Lunatics", "Punishers", "Rebels", "Wolverines", "Predators", "Bruins", "Killer Bees", "Cobras", "Yellow Jackets", "Snakes", "Mustangs", "Bullets", "Tide", "Fuel", "Hurricanes", "Jokers", "Squad", "Boars", "Dragonflys", "Leopards", "Foxes", "Ostriches", "Koalas", "Roos", "Rabbits", "Skunks", "Alligators", "Cheetahs", "Crocodiles", "Meerkats", "Hyenas", "Baboons", "Ferrets", "Minks", "Lynx", "Deers", "Coyotes", "Rhinos", "Eels", "Mules", "Walruses", "Penguins", "Whales", "Cats", "Pandas", "Aardvarks", "Fire Ants", "Lobsters", "Pigskin", "Mafia", "Kickers", "Bugs", "Robots", "Wizards", "Champions", "Crunchers", "Crushers", "Planets", "Heroes", "Legionnaires", "Pilots", "Shots", "Fireballs", "Hope", "Warriors", "Assassins", "Executioners", "Slayers", "Squad", "Nerds", "Southerners", "Fighters", "Operatives", "Tarts", "Gang", "Rockets", "Flyers", "Chillers", "Rappers", "Cicadas", "Tamales", "Sentinels", "Tigrettes", "Stompers", "Samaritans", "Hitmen", "Racers", "Threat"] // Random Numbers var randomNumber1 = parseInt(Math.random() * adjectives.length); var randomNumber2 = parseInt(Math.random() * words.length); var name = adjectives[randomNumber1] + " " + words[randomNumber2]; //If there's already a name it is removed if (document.getElementById("result")) { document.getElementById("placeholder").removeChild(document.getElementById("result")); } // A div element is created to show the generated name. //The Name is added as a textnode. Textnode is added to the placeholder. var element = document.createElement("div"); element.setAttribute("id", "result"); element.appendChild(document.createTextNode(name)); document.getElementById("placeholder").appendChild(element); }